Glass Garage Doors as Patio Doors

glass garage door for the patio door

I’ve been seeing more and more homes use all glass garage doors as patio doors.  I luv how much light they let in and how open they make the space feel.  It has that industrial contemporary vibe which is a bit different than the usual mid-century retro I tend to go for, but really mix and matching is a good thing!

We’ve been house hunting lately and I’m dying to try something like this in my home. Anyone tried it? Luv it or hate it? Am I going to need to hire a window guy?

Here’s other versions I’ve seen…
Not sure I’m a fan of the aluminum frame inside the house, but this does give me hope it’s relatively easy to do (p.s. not for me to actually install because that would mean it’s likely not to work at all!)

silver framed glass garage door


Luv this fold up patio door look!

I really like how this door seems to slide just straight up the wall (which means you need really tall ceiling of course! )

tall ceiling garage doors as patio doors


(click on photos to be taken to the source)

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