Is Rust Really Beautiful as Decor?

bella rustico flea market finder service

Rust is Beautiful especially if you ask the folks at Bella Rustico! The folks are some of the same…Tess has moved over to open a new site and shop with cottage decor, rusted vintage, and DIY ideas using vintage pieces. Why? Because who doesn’t want your home to tell a story…of the great find, of the history of your luv for pieces with character!

If you just don’t have the patience to find vintage or decor with a story Bella Rustico has a Flea Market Finder Service that takes the pain for you out of finding it and you just get the joy of making it part of your fab home!

You can also get some great eye candy with the Bella Rustico Pin boards or on Instagram.

What to know when new items pop into the Bella Rustico online shop or in the local shop? You can drop in on the Bella Rustico twitter account.


Top 5 Websites that Make Life Easier

website ideas

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

To end the week just wanted to share the Top Websites that make life easier …at least for me and maybe for you too! Would luv to hear about your fav websites that make your life easier.

Why are these websites tops in my life?

  • Reduces the amount of stuff I have to memorize  – especially when they are non-critical things like birthday lists, books I want to read, size dimensions of something I’m looking to buy
  • Access is Free
  • Mobile App too
  • Simple to use!

Here are my Top Websites and why they make life easier

Evernote is my mental filing cabinet! Lists of all kinds like booklists, gift lists, furniture dimensions, photos of things I want to remember- like a great Anthropogy display so I can re-create a piece, photos of things I’d like to buy later. This is also my go to source for the list of computer programs, websites etc to load anytime I get a new computer or my old ones needs a complete restore (I wish it didn’t happen that often but between work and home seems to alot!)

Teuxdeux to do lists – super simple and when I don’t complete it, it automatically keeps moving to the next day!

Mint  I luv this website for managing all my personal finances and accounts. I was skeptical at first but now prefer it over Money or Quicken. Luv that I can get access it anywhere anytime!

Picasa I’m not ready to tackle Photoshop yet so this works awesome for editing photos, tagging, collages and special effects!

Yelp for more than just restaurants -luv the great reviews on salons, handymans, sports rentals, tours and anything else I’m looking to buy!

Enjoy Websites and Apps that make life easier savings you time to do other things you really enjoy!  Let me know your favs!


Podcasts and 5 Reasons They Will Make Your Day Rock

podcast listen

podcast listen (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

Picking up from yesterday’s post and the theme for this week – how to get more out of technology -no extra gadgets or techno speak required! Today is all about Podcasts and how they will make your day rock!

First the 5 second primer for newbies…

  • You can listen to Podcasts on any computer or your i gadget (phone, ipod, itouch etc) and Android gadget which means you can usually also listen to them in your car. (if you don’t know about the car plug-in option drop me a note!)
  • Podcasts can be found on itunes or on several of the Google apps for Android which you can download for FREE 
  • 99% of the time Podcasts are FREE 
  • There are tons of Podcasts in a rainbow of categories – promise you will find something you like!
  • Podcast definition

Now …The Top 5 Reasons why Podcasts will make your day rock…

1. LISTEN when you can’t read  Podcasts are great for your drive time, waiting in line, working out, cleaning your house and working in your yard which means you start to look forward to these otherwise times of torture

2. GET SMART  I luv them because they are a quick hit of smarts! Catch up on the world news, learn a language, business and finance tips, science advances, new foods etc. Basically I feel pretty worldly, cultured and caught up since I just don’t have the time to read things like the latest business book or the online news

3. SHORT Most Podcasts are usually 10-20 minutes you can fit them in anytime! In my mind they are like reading a magazine with all its short bits of info that you can pick up anytime.  You don’t have to have to re-listen to the previous minutes to remind yourself what it was you were listening to

4. AUTO UPDATES Why not use technology so that you get fresh material loaded all the time! The subscription option means you don’t have to go back and load each and every Podcast episode you want they are just pushed to your ‘library’

5. SAVES YOU MONEY Podcasts on finance and personal investing give you great tips on saving money plus in my book it’s also a great replacement for XM radio. Yes I know it doesn’t give you everything XM does but it’s darn close – but maybe that’s because listening to live sports isn’t at the top of my list!

What Podcasts are on my short list lately? Right now Podcasts on business, finance, arts and creativity top my listen list.

TED Talk Audio –  Speakers from the from the TED conference! Amazing cutting edge, innovative, mind-blowing new ideas!  One presenter shared her new process and program  developed to get more people to learn the Chinese language easier and faster – absolutely brilliant!

Studio 360 from PRI and WNYC (Public Radio International) What’s happening in pop culture and the arts.  My first GET SMART moment was listening to Mel Brooks and his 10,000 year old man skit that apparently is the bible for many comedians! Really – I luv live  improv comedy and have never heard this. Where have I been!

HBR Ideacast (Harvard Business Review) Awesome interviews with people like Maya Angelou and great topics that are like Cliff Notes to the latest business and thought leaders.

Money Girl Very practical tips on money and finances. Everything from Yard sales to life insurance

Seth Godin’s Startup School This is only a limited set of Podcasts from his startup school about a year ago. If you’re thinking of starting a new business or have one that needs a super charge well worth your time!

Enjoy your time listening to a few Podcasts and make your day rock!

Stories Move in Circles

Stories Move in Circles quote


Sometimes a quote makes me hit the pause button in my day…this is one of them. It’s one that I re-read a couple times just to make sure I was got it.  I got it and it’s pretty powerful! Pretty much reminds me to be a better listener, listen more talk less and be present. Probably means when I don’t understand something someone says, I’m ‘lost’ in a good way!

Enjoy a good think on this! Wow there’s that British lingo coming out again this week. Really I swear I haven’t been listening to Monty Python.