Is Rust Really Beautiful as Decor?

bella rustico flea market finder service

Rust is Beautiful especially if you ask the folks at Bella Rustico! The folks are some of the same…Tess has moved over to open a new site and shop with cottage decor, rusted vintage, and DIY ideas using vintage pieces. Why? Because who doesn’t want your home to tell a story…of the great find, of the history of your luv for pieces with character!

If you just don’t have the patience to find vintage or decor with a story Bella Rustico has a Flea Market Finder Service that takes the pain for you out of finding it and you just get the joy of making it part of your fab home!

You can also get some great eye candy with the Bella Rustico Pin boards or on Instagram.

What to know when new items pop into the Bella Rustico online shop or in the local shop? You can drop in on the Bella Rustico twitter account.


Business Bits: Business Billboard Art

Dragon sidewalk chalk art


Business billboard sidewalk chalk art? In case you’re looking for a unique way to promote your bricks and mortar business (or outdoor show booth) that is virtually free – assuming you can draw, use a template or find a great artist friend – check out this inspiration! Dragon sidewalk chart art was at the entrance to an ice cream shop “Treats” and next door happened to be a magic shop “Tricks”.  Maybe you’re a bath shop next to a massage shop? How about island chalk art, bathtub with bubbles and duckies with an arrow to “Rub” and another to “Tub”. The possibilities are endless and Yes as a potential customer this art did get my attention to stop and check it out…didn’t need a trick but did need a treat!

I know you’re thinking this is just and exception and no one really does chalk art for business but big business does…cable channel TBS, Nike, American Medical Association have all used chalk art to promote.

Another bricks and mortar (or show booth) business billboard inspiration is the 101th use for a repurposed picture frame. DIY this picture frame with a mesh backing and add rotating hangers for new and changing merchandise inside!

DIY Picture frame billboard

Creating a business billboard with art? Would luv to see it and share it!

Business Bits: Quick Design Fixes

Every so often, I’m going to share a few resources that save you time -time that you’d rather spend doing something else whether you’re a blogger, biz owner or just a person with a lot of things to do. This is all part of why I do luv my spare time  – because really, time is the only thing you never get more of and you always have to make choices how to spend your time.

Just in case you’ve been nominated to update the Family Reunion logo, a blogger, marketer or business owner, thought this might come in handy. Handy time-saving solution to avoid those hair ripping moments when you just don’t have the right program, time to watch hours of self-help YouTube tutorial videos or just plain lack of patience!

99Designs (no I’m not affiliated or haven’t been paid by the company) launched a new flat rate service called Swiftly.  Swiftly focuses on quick design fixes…updating a tag line, resizing a photo, changing the file format, switching out backgrounds and all that stuff.

Why does it seem awesome? The flat rate is $15 bucks and jobs are completed in a day. Seems pretty simple and has all the right ingredients for success – speedy turnaround, super cost-effective and easy to request a project which equals time back in my day!  I have high hopes since the approach is what I use in my day job (not a designer but procuring design services). You don’t always need the “platinum” service level with its platinum price for the project that really only needs the “bronze” level of effort and price to get the job done.

Let me know if you’ve tried it out! I’ll be sharing my first try it out projects too.

Top 5 Websites that Make Life Easier

website ideas

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

To end the week just wanted to share the Top Websites that make life easier …at least for me and maybe for you too! Would luv to hear about your fav websites that make your life easier.

Why are these websites tops in my life?

  • Reduces the amount of stuff I have to memorize  – especially when they are non-critical things like birthday lists, books I want to read, size dimensions of something I’m looking to buy
  • Access is Free
  • Mobile App too
  • Simple to use!

Here are my Top Websites and why they make life easier

Evernote is my mental filing cabinet! Lists of all kinds like booklists, gift lists, furniture dimensions, photos of things I want to remember- like a great Anthropogy display so I can re-create a piece, photos of things I’d like to buy later. This is also my go to source for the list of computer programs, websites etc to load anytime I get a new computer or my old ones needs a complete restore (I wish it didn’t happen that often but between work and home seems to alot!)

Teuxdeux to do lists – super simple and when I don’t complete it, it automatically keeps moving to the next day!

Mint  I luv this website for managing all my personal finances and accounts. I was skeptical at first but now prefer it over Money or Quicken. Luv that I can get access it anywhere anytime!

Picasa I’m not ready to tackle Photoshop yet so this works awesome for editing photos, tagging, collages and special effects!

Yelp for more than just restaurants -luv the great reviews on salons, handymans, sports rentals, tours and anything else I’m looking to buy!

Enjoy Websites and Apps that make life easier savings you time to do other things you really enjoy!  Let me know your favs!


Small Business Inspired

Craftication 2013

I’ve been sharing inspiration from attending the Craftication Conference last weekend in my spare time.  I could only find time this year for 1 of the 4 days but at least it’s better than none!  One last bit to share this week if you’re thinking of starting down the “I want to be my own boss” path…or maybe it just keeps crossing my mind!

One of the great parts of attending a small business conference like this, is meeting and listening to actual small business owners.  The ones in the trenches with the day job and small business on the side, and the ones who already made the leap to independence and are growing their biz. Very inspiring and no one says it’s easy.  Everyone has a story to tell…

…the mom of a pair of 8 year olds has been making sleeping mats & pillows for her girls since they have hardwood floors. Her girls suggested starting a business, so there she was

…the woman who was just filling in when her friend’s business partner moved decided she luved making crafty bottle cap accessories and became a full business partner

…the laid off corporate employee who needed something to fill her time, so she crafted and blogged about a project daily, which turned into paid work doing what she luved

The small business who designed the swag bag “Crafty is as Crafty does”,  has grown her  business enough that now even her husband is going down his own small biz path!  You can check out her edgy small business – I say edgy since most of their saying are at least PG-13 and funny as heck!

Speaking of Swag! the awesome Crafty bag was stuffed with great things and the photo at the top only shows a small amount! Yep, there was a nice stainless steel travel mug, a real size box of organic grahams, sewing things and yummy sweet treats too.  As you create your small business, think about an item to create just to spread the word.  A local yarn shop provided 3 buttons in a bag, the caramel shop had a mini bag with 2 mini caramels and the website biz had a fun postcard with top 10 tips. The item doesn’t have to be expensive, but each one put thought into connecting the packaging and the item with their business – and don’t forget add your business contact info (someone did)!

Besides swag, business cards were a great way to identify the type of business.  Not just the usual white basic cards either! I had a small collection and luved how each one highlighted and connected the business craft.

handmade business cards

If you’re starting down the small business path, spend some time being inspired to make a great business card and give away item!