Garden Pots Re-Imagined

teapot Garden Pots

Yes you can use the standard garden pot in all it’s usual varieties like clay, wood and plastic or …you can re-imagine ordinary containers as garden pots! Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts. I’ve tried tealights, votives, vases and books all with great success! Click on the photos to jump to the source

Teapots and teacups make great garden pots!
(Top photo source:

Concrete blocks are a great garden pot, wall and table all in one!

Concrete blocks as garden pots


You can DIY your own garden pot from your lastest food and beverage container (aka the milk jug, yogurt or OJ container)

DIY Concrete pots

Source: radmegan

A succulent garden planted in an old boot.

Have a unique lighting fixture

Industrial light fixture becomes garden pot


Yes you can even put your silver items to a new purpose- and you don’t even have to polish it…tarnish makes it chic too!

Silver Cup Garden pot


Enjoy re-imaginging your garden pots…anything can be used!

DIY Garden Box

DIY Garden box with vegtables

First let’s start with the obvious – I’m not a carpenter!  This is my most ambitious project and it all started when the handyman we usually use, didn’t get back to me and I was antsy to get it done NOW!   How did I get my new-found carpenter skills that you can have too?  Be a bit adventurous – yes you can use power tools and not lose a limb and be ok with good enough but not perfect!

After checking out a couple websites talking about how to make garden boxes from ready to go materials I was ready to give simple garden boxes a try.

There are simple 6 inch tall boxes from cedar fencing wood and precut redwood stakes.  Yes I was impatient with my hardware store and did the wood cutting myself – oh yes a power tool moment with a circular saw – but you can ask the hardware store to make the cuts for you no problem!  Here’s my supply and tool pile – pretty sure I’m going to need a tool belt soon…

DIY Garden box supplies


Yes, this is all it takes for 2 DIY Garden Boxes that are 2 feet wide by 5 feet long!  Here’s how the corner posts look all put together.  All the holes for the screws were pre-drilled and I did make sure to check that screws on each side were offset from each other.

DIY garden box corner


The assembled DIY Garden Box…I fully support the rule to “measure twice cut once”.  If you’re like me, I think I measured way more than twice at each step just to be sure…part of my not being a carpenter approach!

DIY Garden box


These corner legs were originally 12 inches and after putting it together I cut them down by 4 inches – so if you do this project go with 8 inch legs!

At this point I did a little dance and congratulated myself on new-found carpenter skills and also vowed this would be the biggest project I ever did – but maybe you’ll want to do more!

The final steps are the most fun because it will actually look like you have DIY Garden Box and you’re new name will start with “Farmer”. After flipping this box over, I used the hammer to pound the corner post into the ground.  Fill with good growing dirt and insert plants!

Based on the 1-square- foot planting grid approach, I was able to fit 10 plants in each garden box- tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, basil, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, cilantro and edamame (have never seen this as a starter plant before but super excited to find it)!

DIY filled garden boxDIY lettuce garden box


I’m hoping my new DIY Garden Boxes with their extra special dirt will produce an even better garden! If not, I’ll at least admire my new garden boxes.

Enjoy working with tools and trying new skills in your spare time!

Get Out and Enjoy Earth

Sand Dune Pacific Coast highway

You keep hearing about Earthday, recycling, making good ‘earth’ choices which is all great. But what’s the point if you don’t actually get out and enjoy it! Sometimes it’s as close as a walk around your block or the trail in the City park.  Sometimes its enjoying the run downhill or the view from the climb…

Pacific Coast Highway Sand dune to Climb


Maybe it’s your own oasis in the forest just waiting for you to break out the lunch..

duvall waterfall hike


Or it’s seeing something pretty cool that would normally make you go eeww like leaf cutter ants disassembling a Hibiscus flower…

leaf cutter ants Roatan


Hope you enjoyed your Earth week but most importantly hope you spent some of that spare time actually getting out!

Ventura Earth Day Art

earth day paper towel tie dye

It’s Earth Day month and last weekend we had a chance to hang out in Ventura, CA at our new fav Earth Day festival hosted by The Ventura Charter School.  Besides being one of the best school fundraiser ideas I’ve seen, it’s a blast to attend! Great local vendors, lots fun kid earth friendly art making, performances and my fav is the silent auction which has amazing handmade art!

This booth above was offering earthly friendly tie dye using long strips of heavy paper towels (yes recycled paper). You folded or scrunched the towel as much as you wanted and dipped in 2-3 colored liquids, pressed it between a chunk of newspaper to wring out the excess, unfolded and stapled the top of the paper towel around a straw and viola – awesome color “flags”!

earth day Origami Plant Pot


Luv’d the newsprint Origami planting pots! Folded newspaper (not a staple or piece of tape needed – seriously cool magical folding!), hole punched and a piece of twine tied to each side for hanging.  Scoop in dirt, drop in a seed or two and water!

earth day art magazine mosaic


One of my absolute favs is this magazine mosaic! I’d pay money for this piece and feel good about the fact that it’s recycling a magazine.

earth day twig art


Sticks, branches and twigs – finally something to do with all the fall tree trimming or beach driftwood!

Enjoy checking out your local Earth Day event – it’s worth every spare moment!


Earth Day Every Day

Recycle-get this...

Recycle with these! (Photo credit: practicalowl)



So you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Earth Day over the last couple weeks.  It seems like every city is planning an event and since they all can’t happen on the same weekend you can make a month-long celebration!  Plus if you check your local stores on Earth Day, April 22nd, they have some great specials like free cup of joe if you bring your own mug.

Yes, you guessed it, this week is all about making every day Earth Day! We don’t need to only celebrate it one month of the year.  Likely if you spend just 5 minutes thinking about it you’ll realize you are already doing little things every day.  Ok so grab that coffee, glass of wine and get to work. Here’s my brainstorm that made me smile and feel like I was helping to keep Earth a little greener, the air a little cleaner and the beach from becoming a pile of trash…

  • Put my recyclable ‘trash’ in the recycle can (computer paper, non personal junk mail, aluminum cans, cereal boxes …)
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper (this might be the same debate as cloth vs. disposable diapers but it makes me feel better anyway!)
  • Use cold water for laundry
  • Trade out the plastic water bottles for the re-usable water bottle
  • Collect my old batteries for special disposal instead of throwing in the trash (check your library, city hall or hazardous waste collection for drops off which are free)
  • Buy in bulk to avoid all the individual packaging
  • Use a broom to clean my patio instead of a hose or shop vac
  • Turn off the lights in rooms I’m not using
  • Change out the light bulbs to energy-efficient
  • Stash a cute fold up re-useable bag in my purse (which I do actually use a lot!)
  • Take my coffee in a travel mug
  • Bring a ceramic coffee mug to work instead of using a paper cup

Yea I’m feeling pretty good and  hope you are too now!