Get Healthy At the Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

I seem to be in an airport more often over the summer usually for fun but also for work. I really despise having to arrive sooooo early for a flight so I’ve tried to make good use of the airport wait time!  Usually it’s 2-3 hours of sitting and waiting and hopefully not delayed to wait some more.  I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to get healthy at the airport in those spare hours!  It’s really great too since you know you’ll be sitting in for so long during your flight.

Minneapolis St-Paul airport (photo above) has a marked walking path with mile markers! I’m usually not at airport with a walking path so I walk for time – 15-20 min is usually a mile for most people at a healthy walking pace. Don’t know if the airport has one, check it out online before you go or when you’re waiting in the TSA line.

Tips for making airport walking excuse proof:

  • If you haven’t checked your luggage or have a fair bit to carry on, find an airport locker. Such an inexpensive way pay for your 30 min of being healthy!
  • Got the kids… maybe a stroller? Take the kids and walk out their energy before you hope on the plane. Make it fun and try a search-and-find for the next color or next gate number!
  • Think you’ll get too sweaty? Bring an extra t-shirt maybe some casual pants or sorts and deodorant. You’re not going to be dripping with sweat after 30 min (I hope!) and just freshen up in the bathroom.

Are you a yogi looking for your next moment of quiet and a stretch? Free yoga rooms are the newest additions to many airports.  Dallas Ft-Worth International Airport has a free yoga studio open 24 hours a day with free mats and instructional DVDs.  San Francisco International Airport opened their yoga zen room early last year.

Are fitness machines or a swim more your style?  Watch for more on-site fitness centers be added at many airports. Toronto International Airport just added a fitness center in the terminal and for modest fee you get towel service, personal showers, lockers and changing rooms!

Munich International Airport has a fitness center that includes a gym and a pool. Not traveling international? Check out the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Hotel which offers a day pass to their fitness center next to the airport.

Yes you should high-five yourself after you’ve made it through security, finished your workout, fired off a few emails and read a book all before you land at your destination!

Enjoy your spare time even in an airport!

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Unplugged Vacation

WIFI downtime Yoga on the Dock at the Lake

I’m baaack and recharged from my WIFI free and unplugged vacation week! Who knew I’d survive since my family only knows me by the glow of the screen.  Time for a vacation- even a day unplugged keeps you healthy and the imagination fresh! When was the last time you had to figure out out a day of fun without driving anywhere and being completely unplugged…no TV, movies, video games, computer and all that.

Hopefully you’ll end up happily exhausted at the end of the day wishing you could do it more often! Where was the unplugged vacation? In Washington State at Lake Roesiger which was about an hour from most family members.  Renting a lake house so close, meant most people didn’t have to spend their vacation time traveling, but instead lakeside…plus those that still had to work could drop in for the evening swim, BBQ and late night game of cards. Yes, we got lucky too and it was one of those fabulous weather weeks earlier than usual!

Wondering what you can do on an unplugged vacation to make the most of it?

  • Yoga by the lake
  • Crawfish hunting – only found a couple
  • Lots of paddle boating and raft rowing – which means you go in circles A LOT!
  • Cannonballing the nearest boater…family members only of course
  • As many meals as possible by BBQ or fingerfood only makes for easy dining
  • A great lake book (aka a beach read)
  • Morning walks around the lake…checking to find lake cabins for sale
  • Bring on the card games….a battle of 31 for the whole family and Cards Against Humanity for the adults only had a few crying tears of laughter!  P.S. You’ll need the Urban Dictionary or a few college age kids

Enjoy some time unplugged!

Where to Hike and What to Bring?

This week I’ve been sharing some great hikes you can do even if you only have 1 hour!  It’s not always about hiking in a lush forest or in snow-capped mountains. Sometimes it’s places a little different like The Dead Hike or the Waterfall  hike.  No one says hiking has to be in a forest, so if you prefer the ocean scene check out local beach hike …with shoes or without!

Ocean hike Ventura County


Ocean hikes usually mean finding great shells, crawling creatures and of course seaweed animals…

Ocean Hike Seaweed Animal


Still don’t know where to hike and need inspiration? Check out these websites or load up an app too!  Big reminder on the app use, don’t depend on them for your map when you are out hiking – you may end up out of range and without a signal!

Map My Hike  – hiking trails plus lots of features if you want track your excercise, food intake and more. Has a mobile app too iMapmyhike

National Park Day Hikes – plan your next road trip to a National Park with a great day hike! Check out their mobile app on itunes

Every Trail  – local hikes in your area with reviews and ratings

Local Hikes – local hikes near metropolitan areas, reviews, ratings and filters in case you are looking for dog friendly hikes or destinations like waterfalls

So now you have a couple of sources to find a hike now what to bring? Make sure you bring the TEN Essentials as they are commonly called, so you don’t wind up needing this ride to get you home…

Source: Malibu Search & Rescue

Enjoy your spare time on a great hike!


Hike to a Waterfall

Duvall Waterfall Hike

Need more motivation than a dirt path to get out an enjoy a hike? Hike to a waterfall is a great treat for motivation. Who knew this hike would include a waterfall, an island and two log chairs to lunch on in a spot of sun!  This is Cherry Creek Falls hike in Duvall, WA.

Great local hike and not too crazy you can’t bring young ones under 5 …although expect you’ll end up carrying one at some point on the way back.

Why it’s worth the journey?

  • Water …who doesn’t luv to wade in cool water after hiking and for kids it’s always fun to race sticks and leaves, skip rocks and generally get wet!
  • Lunch on an island...need I say more? It’s a slice of vacation less than an hour from home
  • Great big logs to try out your tightrope walking skills …even adults like this challenge
  • Chairs…who doesn’t appreciate a chair to rest on especially when it’s next to a waterfall

Enjoy your time hiking to a waterfall – it’s worth the journey and the destination!

The Dead Hike

Sycamore Canyon Hike Ventura County


Sometimes you just need to get out! We’ve been taking time on recent weekends and checking out local hiking spots. Nothing too crazy just 1 hour round trip and with our youngest that usually amounts to 3-4 miles.  What makes it great is we try to make it about the journey and not the destination.

Our journey recently was Sycamore Canyon in Ventura County, CA.  About a month ago the area …plus 39,000 other acres were under a massive wild-fire – hence the dead hike! We really just wanted to see if it had life yet. Totally surprising – the amount of green popping up everywhere!

What makes it a cool journey for young or old and the non-hiker?

  • Singing – made up songs about dead things seemed to be chart busters this trip
  • Making up names for interesting plants…the FIRE PINEAPPLE..our scientific  name for a plant we thought looked like a pineapple coming back to life

Fire Pineapples


  • Finding Live animals... or insects (are rolly pollies insects – I have no idea but they are the best animals to hold in the wild) 

Rolly Pollies Live On

  • Finding dead animals…not sure if snails are animals but their white shells made a stunning contrast with the dirt!  We did find a dead, partially exposed skeleton of a field mouse but thought it might be wierd to share it here. I still took a photo and we admired the extra long teeth and spine.  Ok if you really want to see it leave a comment and I’ll post it.

Dead Snails


Convinced yet to venture out in your area on a hike? Go ahead take a walk on a dirt path you’ll feel awesome!

Enjoy some time getting out on a local hike!

Get Out and Enjoy Earth

Sand Dune Pacific Coast highway

You keep hearing about Earthday, recycling, making good ‘earth’ choices which is all great. But what’s the point if you don’t actually get out and enjoy it! Sometimes it’s as close as a walk around your block or the trail in the City park.  Sometimes its enjoying the run downhill or the view from the climb…

Pacific Coast Highway Sand dune to Climb


Maybe it’s your own oasis in the forest just waiting for you to break out the lunch..

duvall waterfall hike


Or it’s seeing something pretty cool that would normally make you go eeww like leaf cutter ants disassembling a Hibiscus flower…

leaf cutter ants Roatan


Hope you enjoyed your Earth week but most importantly hope you spent some of that spare time actually getting out!