Parklet an Oasis on the Street

San Francisco Parklet in Misson District


What’s almost as good as great as a city park? A parklet on the street!  If you luv green space or at least something other than cement and pavement, parklets are an oasis on the street. Not new, but quickly growing in numbers, city’s are allowing business and residential owners to reclaim parking spaces and recreate them as small parks. Some businesses use them for outdoor dining, residents often use to a bit of pride in their city and provide literally a breath of fresh air in a city of traffic.

The parklet above was a fabulous residential oasis on the street in San Francisco’s Mission District. A parklet with personality.

So are you wondering if other parklets might be worth the spare time to hang out for awhile?  Here’s a few photos to consider the possibility of an oasis on the street…

Divisadero Parklet rendering


Parklet on 4th Street, San Francisco


San Francisco Public Art Twisted Birdhouses

San Francisco Public Art Mission District

A recent girls only trip to San Francisco had us cramming in all the sites we had time for over a weekend. For some reason the Mission District is one I hadn’t visited yet and where I found this truly awesome and fun 3-D public art mural tucked on a the side of a building in a side street.

This is a crazy fun piece of 3-D art work with the twisted birdhouses and all blue birds looking like they are rushing off to work, reminds me of something Dr. Seussist. My favorite part in this art is the artist incorporated the real exterior building features like the white pipe as it if were actually part of the bird house.  This art is so fun and rare that it’s 3-D. The artwork has so many interesting stories within it – love the bird toting his lunchbox and what looks like modern factory in the distance – it makes you want to hear the storey straight from the artist.

Enjoy your time finding public art!  Public art is never on a schedule and always unexpected so it’s a fun way to treasure hunt a new –or old city.