Public Art: Pioneer Square People and Rodents

Public art Pioneer square People art

On a recent trip to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, I stumbled on this fab work of public art that really captures the diverse people in this historic area that make it so unique! Luv the stylized look and did you notice the hats? 4 out of 5 people luv their hats – at least from this artist’s perspective! I didn’t see the artist signature on this piece of work so if you know – drop me a note and I’d happily give credit.

Pioneer Square is known for its diversity of everything from people, art galleries, delicious food, great music, to quirky shops, street performers and amazing architecture! One of the first historic areas of Seattle and well worth a visit especially if you can make it to the First Thursday Art Walk. Put Occidental Square on your day trip itinerary which always has unique rotating public art too!

Did I mention Pioneer Square was diverse? Here’s another great public art creation by Kate Tesch. Furry rodent meets iron lollipop is my interpretation but likely not the artist. I luv the painting style which make the rodent actually look cute and evil in a crazy hair short of way. Even luv the background which could have easily been a single boring color but is instead mixed color blocks adding great depth. Would I have it in on my wall? It’d be a great conversation starter if I did!

public art pioneer square kate tesch


Sometime side streets and alleys have the best surprises for public art!

Unplugged Vacation

WIFI downtime Yoga on the Dock at the Lake

I’m baaack and recharged from my WIFI free and unplugged vacation week! Who knew I’d survive since my family only knows me by the glow of the screen.  Time for a vacation- even a day unplugged keeps you healthy and the imagination fresh! When was the last time you had to figure out out a day of fun without driving anywhere and being completely unplugged…no TV, movies, video games, computer and all that.

Hopefully you’ll end up happily exhausted at the end of the day wishing you could do it more often! Where was the unplugged vacation? In Washington State at Lake Roesiger which was about an hour from most family members.  Renting a lake house so close, meant most people didn’t have to spend their vacation time traveling, but instead lakeside…plus those that still had to work could drop in for the evening swim, BBQ and late night game of cards. Yes, we got lucky too and it was one of those fabulous weather weeks earlier than usual!

Wondering what you can do on an unplugged vacation to make the most of it?

  • Yoga by the lake
  • Crawfish hunting – only found a couple
  • Lots of paddle boating and raft rowing – which means you go in circles A LOT!
  • Cannonballing the nearest boater…family members only of course
  • As many meals as possible by BBQ or fingerfood only makes for easy dining
  • A great lake book (aka a beach read)
  • Morning walks around the lake…checking to find lake cabins for sale
  • Bring on the card games….a battle of 31 for the whole family and Cards Against Humanity for the adults only had a few crying tears of laughter!  P.S. You’ll need the Urban Dictionary or a few college age kids

Enjoy some time unplugged!

Hike to a Waterfall

Duvall Waterfall Hike

Need more motivation than a dirt path to get out an enjoy a hike? Hike to a waterfall is a great treat for motivation. Who knew this hike would include a waterfall, an island and two log chairs to lunch on in a spot of sun!  This is Cherry Creek Falls hike in Duvall, WA.

Great local hike and not too crazy you can’t bring young ones under 5 …although expect you’ll end up carrying one at some point on the way back.

Why it’s worth the journey?

  • Water …who doesn’t luv to wade in cool water after hiking and for kids it’s always fun to race sticks and leaves, skip rocks and generally get wet!
  • Lunch on an island...need I say more? It’s a slice of vacation less than an hour from home
  • Great big logs to try out your tightrope walking skills …even adults like this challenge
  • Chairs…who doesn’t appreciate a chair to rest on especially when it’s next to a waterfall

Enjoy your time hiking to a waterfall – it’s worth the journey and the destination!

Stone Giant Does Yoga

Ethan Currier Rock Person


I luv stone art from Ethan Currier! I had posted about his amazing stone art last year when I found his rock people in Bainbridge Island,WA.  What he shared since then is this fab rock giant doing yoga. Yes it is huge – 12 feet tall! This awesome stone giant is hanging out on the rocks about a mile off shore by a navigation marker on the ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

So most importantly, if you have never taken a ferry ride and you’re in Seattle Washington it’s well worth it -even if you never get off the boat!  If you do take a ferry right from Bainbridge be on the look out for this stone giant who so easily make this yoga pose effortless!  Pretty sure this is nature’s way of saying if a rock can do yoga anyone can.  I am a believer in Yoga for mind, soul and body and especially buff arms!

Enjoy checking out amazing art anytime you get a chance!

p.s. I wasn’t paid and am not associated with Ethan Currier, I just really luv his art and someday might be lucky enough to purchase a piece and figure out how to transport his stone art to my home in Southern California!


Duvall Coffeehouse Art

The Duvall Coffeehouse


What can you get in the local coffeehouse is great art! Yes I’m admittedly a bit of a coffee snob but who isn’t when you spend years in Seattle, WA during months of the various versions of rain or almost rain.  In my mind, it’s one of the cities with a coffee shop or two on every corner.  Almost equivalent to the number of donut shops in cities around Los Angeles.  Not a donut person but live around LA, go ahead count the number of donut shops in a 5-block radius and you’ll be wondering how they all stay open or maybe you’ll wonder if you’re the only non-donut person in town!

Back to my recent visit to Duvall, WA and The Duvall Coffeehouse. A great local find on the main street. Great cup of espresso! Plus if you have the spare time to enjoy it inside, enjoy the art. Everything from pencil sketches, wood cut panels, black ink drawings and even carved tables make for fabulous coffeehouse art!

Who wouldn’t want to linger over coffee at this great wood carved table! Yep if I could boil life down into only these 6 ideas it would be so simple! It’s a great blend of contemporary text with tribal art.

Dan Cautbell Coffehouse carved Table


Looking for more unusual coffeehouse art? The Hillbilly series of wood cut panels are lively, with texture, depth and a bit of color! Pretty sure I could hear the y’all twang of their voices and a banjo in the background.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen any  hillbillies as art subjects but luv this panel series!

Hillbillies series cut wood panel Art


So the next time you are in a new town, skip the chain and spend your spare time to find a local coffeehouse. This usually means great coffee or at least guarantees great coffeehouse art!


Making Public Transportation Worth the Wait

Bus stop art

If you’re lucky enough to live in a great public transportation city or at least visit one, it’s well worth the time to use it if only to see the public art! This great bus stop art in Duvall, WA was really made into a great public art spot with even the bike- bike rack adding to the story.

Bus stop art Duvall


Luv the creativity of “Going Places” which makes me think either the artist was poking fun at the current bus mode of travel by suggesting the future would be by spacecraft or we could really meet some very interesting looking alien people when we are “Going Places”!  Having traveled by public transportation via bus, I’d definitely agree there are interesting people you will meet and some will actually make you feel like they are from another world.

Go ahead and the next time you are in a city with great public transportation try a trip! You’ll be “Going Places” and see the world in a whole new way. Plus you’ll get a free art show just waiting for the bus!

Enjoy your time “Going Places”!


Seattle Hatchcover Art

Tlingit whale relief Hatchcover artA

There are times when you just need to hang your head and stare at the ground to enjoy a free art show! Just spotted by a long time Seattle visitor were several Seattle City Light Hatchcover Artworks. Started over 30 year ago, Seattle City Light has been engaging artists to create works of art for the hatchcovers.  These hatchcovers are anywhere from  230 to upwards of 350 pounds of steel art that are throughout the City. What a great way to make the ordinary extraordinary!  The hatchcover above is a Tlingit whale relief, created in 1976 by Nathan Jackson.

Heron Seattle city light Hatchcover Art


Another hatchcover spotted (artist unknown) with a stylized Heron. Visiting Seattle and thinking of planning a walking tour? Visit Seattle City Light to learn more.

Enjoy your spare time finding public art in your town!


Seattle Public Transporation Art

SeaTac Kinetic Luggage art

Norman Andersen “Rainmakers Baggage”

Have you noticed lately the amount of amazing art in public transporation areas? It really makes all that travel time just a little less stressful.  Why not multitask travel with a bit of art culture! The next time you’re at the airport and have time to kill, check out the art scene.

Having recently traveled to the Seattle airport, I was amazed at all the artwork from the terminal to the baggage claim.  They have over 100 pieces of artwork by over 59 regional artists and even created a handy map to the SeaTac public art.  

Roscoe airplane art

Brad Story “Roscoe”

Traveling by train in Seattle? Check out the public art recently being installed in Jackson Plaza just outside the King Street Station. Travel at night and take in the Rebar “Seattlight” art which was recently unveiled and will be running through the end of this year.

King tut at the King street station

Looking for art inside the station? Enjoy the street sign art which makes you look twice just to see if it really is a direction.

Street Sign art at King Street station

Enjoy your travel and your art that makes the most of your time!

Unusual Public Art in Occidental Park

Alley Garden

Wandering the streets on a recent trip in Seattle I never know what surprises are around the corner. Generally I just hope they don’t include anything smelly or crazy.  Surprise #1 was this pop of garden color down a back alley.  Trailing red flowers flowing out of garden boxes among the old brick and stone was such a surprise.  Here’s the view of the entire back alley and why I stopped in my tracks. Yea I know it’s just an alley, but the architecture with the garden boxes in a space that would otherwise be just a forgotten alley was worth taking time to capture (p.s my family found this rather odd especially when I suggested we take a walk down the alley – just a small adventure to enjoy!)

Flowering alley Seattle Pioneer Square

Surprise #2 was just down the street in Occidental Park. The “Read With Me” temporary art literary installation used the existing everyday park fixtures (lamp-post, tree, manhole cover etc.).  What genius to show people to see the extraordinary in the ordinary! It sounds like one of the life lessons I should take to heart.

Read With Me Seattle

Public Art Occidental Park

My favorite literary art piece was The Manhole Cover! Probably because it seems the most unusual and unassuming (I mean really it’s a fixture on the ground) and the last thing I would have considered as a subject.

Manhole Cover Literary Art

The next time you are wandering the city or your neighborhood, I hope you have a chance to be surprised – in a good way!

Enjoy your spare time!

Oxbow Organic Farm and Gourd Art!

Oxbow Organic Farm Duvall WA

What started out as a quest for a pumpkin patch ended up being more than pumpkins on a visit to the Oxbow Organic Farm in Carnation, WA. Besides being a great learning farm for kids with a “living” playground that included a gourd tunnel and giant green bean teepee it also had a great organic art and inspirational outdoor space!

What a great picnic spot in the grape arbor!  I’m not sure what I luved finding more, the actual grapes which looked amazing or the vibrant colored gourd art decor hanging on the inside of the arbor!

Gourd Art Grape Arbor Decor

With gourd art like this, who wouldn’t start thinking this would make a great gift idea! Plus it  looks like something that wouldn’t take much spare time so sign me up.

Gourd ornament

On a parting note, I couldn’t resist passing the most unusual play feature I’ve seen at a farm for kids and adults to find that inner farmer…The Climbing Tractor!

The Climbing Tractor

Enjoy your spare time!