Organize with Baking Pans

Bread Pan organizer

I’m a self admitted organization person – yea that’s a polite way of saying I’m a bit Type A. I’d rather organize at the beginning than spend hours trying to find something because I didn’t! Since I luv repurposing things, here’s my best ideas for using baking pans to organize – weird sounding I know!

Bread pans – Luv them! I only bake bread every so often…like maybe 3 -4 times a year so they would just take up space most of the time.  Decided to use my glass bread pans in a multi-task way – they organize my spices nicely plus I can see what I have.  When I want to bake, I do the quick wash and they are ready to go.

For bread pans who don’t have a second life, I get these and add a chalk labels!  Works great for all those crazy bags of beans, nuts, dried fruit and also sauce packets too!

Bread pan with chalk label

Probably have seen it a million times on other blogs but I do like the muffin tins for organizing desk stuff or the infamous “junk” drawer.  A fun paint color and they look even better than the usual office plastic or wire trays.

Muffin Tin organizer

Yes, this is my youngest daughter’s organizer…the eyeball eraser likely gave it away!

Enjoy your time putting bread pans and muffin tins to work organizing and simplifying life!

Save Your Ideas and Time!

Deco File Box

Ok I admit I love the touch and feel of paper magazines. In this day and age this is likely ‘old school’ but nothing compares. Yes, magazines are my quick fix when I don’t have time to read more than a page or two in my book. It’s the perfect amount of reading over my breakfast coffee or before bed when I invariably fall asleep way too soon.

Magazines are completely satisfying as I look for great ideas, fold corners, circle items or make notes on the pages I tear out to save. Now you are starting to think that if I save them, and you’ve read my about me page, they wouldn’t possibly just end up in a tall stack collecting dust. Right you are! Since I do save quite a few pages on my favorite topics there is a system, or really what’s the point in saving. Notebooks I’m sure are great for some but for me it’s a cute small file box with about 10 hanging files. One box only! You can imagine how this could get out of control.

Just 10 topics that help me file my pages away quickly without it hanging out on the to do list for months. Of course pages with more than one topic always create quite the decision process! Since my file box is all about my interests (and not so much the family), I narrowed it down to; gifts, beauty products, fashion, bedroom & dining deco, kitchen & bath deco, closet & entry ways, internet sites, book recommendations, home accessories and organization.

In case you’re wondering, yes I actually do use it. Holidays and birthdays have me leafing through my gift folder for something unique. My latest urge to DIY or redecorate has me sifting pages in the bedroom, kitchen or closet folders for inspiration.

Since I have limited space for saving, one box remember, I’m trying the ‘new school’ web method. One of my favorite online magazines Lonny (formerly the editors from Domino – if you remember that one) has a great marking feature and every product on every page can be marked and stored! It’s the next best thing to post-its! The best find is my organized file cabinet and idea board internet style on Pinterest. Likely you’ve been to Pinterest before and been sucked in with all the pictures.  It’s a fun alternative to the file box, although I’m not sure I’ll entirely give it up because I have a thing for paper. It’s definitely someplace I go when I want a break and look for inspiration which has me adding to one or more of my lists!
Hope this gives you just a bit more spare time!