Business Bits: Business Billboard Art

Dragon sidewalk chalk art


Business billboard sidewalk chalk art? In case you’re looking for a unique way to promote your bricks and mortar business (or outdoor show booth) that is virtually free – assuming you can draw, use a template or find a great artist friend – check out this inspiration! Dragon sidewalk chart art was at the entrance to an ice cream shop “Treats” and next door happened to be a magic shop “Tricks”.  Maybe you’re a bath shop next to a massage shop? How about island chalk art, bathtub with bubbles and duckies with an arrow to “Rub” and another to “Tub”. The possibilities are endless and Yes as a potential customer this art did get my attention to stop and check it out…didn’t need a trick but did need a treat!

I know you’re thinking this is just and exception and no one really does chalk art for business but big business does…cable channel TBS, Nike, American Medical Association have all used chalk art to promote.

Another bricks and mortar (or show booth) business billboard inspiration is the 101th use for a repurposed picture frame. DIY this picture frame with a mesh backing and add rotating hangers for new and changing merchandise inside!

DIY Picture frame billboard

Creating a business billboard with art? Would luv to see it and share it!

Public Art: Sidewalk Chalk Art

Delphine Anaya & Melissa Abrams Sidewalk Chalk Art 3D


I admit it I have a thing for chalk and spray paint where art is concerned! I’m always amazed how simple they are in everyday use and what can be done in the hands of an artist! I’m a big fan of Mary Poppins and the sidewalk chalk art scene so maybe it’s just keeping my childhood fantasy alive!

In my you never know where you’ll run across great public art search, a local church celebration included sidewalk chalk artists. The sidewalk chalk panels included professional artists, art teachers and local students and I’d happily have any of them create something on my sidewalk to save forever!  Luv this Sidewalk Chalk art above with the 2-D and 3-D mix.

Here’s a few others that caught my eye…

Enjoy finding public art where it lands!

DIY Day: Chalk Design Wallpaper

Chalkboard wallpaper

Visiting Anthropologie is always eye candy for me – they have great displays, lots of DIY and fab ideas for the everyday decor! What caught my eye this time was this great use of a chalkboard wall reinvented as DIY chalkboard wallpaper! Luv the idea of a simple repeating chalk design as wallpaper.  You can recreate this look with chalkboard paint or with rolls of chalkboard contact paper. Either way you can redesign your room on a whim with colored chalk and a new design!

DIY Chalk design wallpaper with home decor pieces built into the design which gives it a  3-D effect…luv it!

DIY Chalk design wallpaper

Source: houseofchicandpenoche

Looking for the empty wall? Great idea for chalk board wall in the bathroom to capture your friends creativity when they take a p-break…beware this may make for a long bathroom line!

Bathroom DIY Chalkboard wall

Source: bexcetera

Have a favorite city? A great idea for a DIY Chalk Wall Map …patience is a must with this one!

DIY Chalkboard wall map

Source: Dismountcreative

Enjoy your spare time creating a fabulous DIY Chalk wallpaper design and then redesigning!

DIY Chalk Animal Cutouts

Chalk ART cutout

Unexpected this will be CHALK WEEK! Yep I bet you never thought anyone could say enough about chalk but I’ll share all the cool stuff you can DIY or enjoy that is chalk!

Maybe it’s just new to me but when I attended a downtown event they had amazing DIY chalk cutouts!  What I thought was so great is the cutouts were animals so of course for those of us challenged with say drawing a horse head or a seahorse, the hard part was already done! The fun chalk part was filling in the animal.


DIY chalk animal cutout

The other fabulous part was the cutouts were chalk on both sides! Yes you can just flip it over and make another fab creation and erase later.

What’s so great about this? I can think of some great ways to use these amazing DIY chalk animal cutouts for a fun event so here’s my list…

  • Camping – fun times just hanging out at the picnic table or around the camp fire
  • Parties – kids or adults they all want to drink and eat and make some crazy fun art at the same time!
  • School events – this would be great for an art fair, open house or back to school night
  • Art festivals – awesome drop in DIY hands on activity!
  • Neighborhood Day – in September  would be a great to set up a few DIY Chalk Animals on a tarp in your front yard with a box of chalk and get to know your neighbor

I’m sure some of you are handy with a jigsaw or know someone who is and could DIY your own cutouts.  Maybe you are not so handy or just want it delivered to your front door step? Click on the cutouts below for a pretty good place to get the really big cutouts…18-24″.  Once you have your cutout, add a couple of coats of black chalkboard paint (spray or bottle) and voila!

butterfly unfinished wood cutoutDeer unfinished wood cutout

poodle unfinished wood cutout

Enjoy your fabuous DIY Chalk Animal Cutouts at your next event!