DIY: Small Outdoor Patio Lounge

small outdoor patio furniture

The drab to fab makeover for the bamboo chairs was the start of this DIY patio nook makeover! Style wise a bit of retro and mid-century look especially with the pops of color. Our outdoor space is partially covered which is great when its blazing hot. We luv to read and lunch outside or just hang out over a beer or glass of wine.  The space was in severe need of some color and coziness and I only wish I had the before photo but no luck. So this DIY patio makeover was a simple design of re-using existing pieces from other locations and adding a few new pieces for color. What do you think, relaxing?

So what was re-used and what was purchased?

First, the mosaic pedestal was originally holding just a pot in another garden spot, but was relocated here as small table top – glass table top was ordered from local glass company for $40.

Small pillows were added to the bamboo chairs in fun prints! The pillow colors were used as the palette for the space. The red pillow was DIY and the material and stuffing were left over from another project. The blue pillow was on sale from Target for $10.

The patio rug by Fab Habitat is an indoor/outdoor polypropylene ordered from Amazon for $40.  They have some great colors and designs I really wanted more of these patio rugs but just couldn’t figure out where to put them!

The hanging paper lanterns above the chairs are covers around hanging lightbulbs.  You can tell they are pretty sunbleached, but I luv the fun look of having hanging stars that light in the evening so I couldn’t just toss them.  I did give them a facelift with Krylon spray paint which I had left over from another project (if you’ve been following me you know how I luv  Krylon) which was still transparent enough to let the black line detail show through.  Here’s the before and after which I luv!

Paper star laterns refresh paper star laterns

What else was added to the patio?
This side table were re-used and re-painted with a lime green and turquoise (Krylon spray paint of course!).

reused outdoor furniture

Succulents in clay pots add some color and form to a large blank wall. Purchased the large pot only for $20

Succulent patio plants

A few other existing outdoor accessories like the DIY driftwood tree and another pot with a variety of succulents were added to the other side table nearby

Outdoor decor


It makes for a great escape we pretend is our little island at home and with a good book,you can lounge on the patio all afternoon!




Drab to Fab: Bamboo Chairs

 Repaint bamboo chair

Sometimes furniture just needs a little rehab and doesn’t require a lot of time like these awesome bamboo chairs!  These are super comfy on our patio but as you can see on the left – they got pretty drab! The outdoor elements started to take a big toll.  Weathered, dried out and stained from rain -ewww! Yes they are under cover but not completely weather proof.

I’d been dying to try out this Krylon spray stain I saw on my last visit -wierd I know I check out paint. Pretty sure Krylon should hire me (which they haven’t) or I should buy stock since I luv all their stuff! Why am I raving on about this spray spain?

Stain on regular wood works great but stain on bamboo doesn’t  – trust me I tried. Bamboo is such a hard wood it won’t absorb regular liquid stain so this was the perfect project for spray stain!  Here’s the deal with Krylon spray stain – it sticks just like spray paint but looks like stain which is awesome!  Hand painting all the round surfaces of these chairs would pretty much torment me!

The best part about the spray stain is its translucent – yep you still see the grain of the wood through the stain – Luv for adding the little bit of color! I wouldn’t suggest using spray stain on your antiques which would be like slapping a paint brush job on your car – just not the right tool for the job.

Here’s a great look at how weathered they looked before and how fab the bamboo looked after…

Bamboo chair stain

And most importanly how did it look on the patio garden? I know you were thinking the pillow colors were just too much but it picks up all the great colors in my succulents and their pots!  Still debating changing out the cushion fabric but that will be for another day…it requires sewing a zipper so I have to psych myself up.

Bamboo outdoor chair


DIY: Tables in the Air

hanging night stand




Who couldn’t use a little more floor space and a unique piece of furniture? A walk through Anthropologie always get my wheels turning on doing things a little different. I luv this idea of a DIY table in the air and suspended for a night stand

Ok I haven’t officially tried my own yet, but it’s on my list and would luv to hear if you have! The DIY plan for the suspended table looks pretty simple. Piece of cut plywood stained or painted. Drilled holes for the rope and knotted on the underside. Depending on the weight you’re planning to hang J-hooks, like something used for heavy planters would do the job screwed into the ceiling for a night stand. Anchoring the hooks for sure is required! 

I can tell you I luv sitting in rope swing seats table side that we found at a restaurant in Belize. If I could rig up hanging swing seats for my patio table I definitely would! I think swinging things just make you feel like a big kid and who doesn’t want that carefree feeling again!

How about a suspended table! Luv this idea

Maybe a great living room suspended coffee table is the piece of your dreams!

Suspended coffee table

Photo by Patrick McMullen

Have a small space and need the dining area to do double and triple duty?  Luv this suspended dining table that can move between low floor height for a Japanese dinner, dining chair height and then just completely reeled up to the ceiling to use the entire floor space below…genius!

suspended and movable table


Enjoy figuring out how to make your furniture hang in the air! Shoot over a pic if you’ve tried a suspended table and any tips. I’ll be sure to share and credit back to ya!

DIY Day: DIY Frame for Rotating Art Gallery

DIY Rotating Art frame


Just like mason jars there are more than 100 ideas for reusing and repurposing picture frames! I’m always looking for a great way to make a rotating art galley that is easy to change and has some style. My take on a DIY picture frame …

  • Any size wood frame – a wide frame works best and I’d suggest nothing smaller than 2×3 feet!  Easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets and no need to worry about the picture inside the frame
  • A light sand and your fav paint – spray or latex (I used my Krylon spray paint in a lime green)
  • Chicken mesh wire is stapled to the back – you can find pre-cut rolled wire at your home store. It can be cut with wire cutters or tin snips and if you have neither a heavy duty pair of scissors that you don’t mind getting a bit dull.
  • Tip: Make sure you know the width of your frame so you get wire that is wide enough to fit across the opening.
  • Once you cut the wire then it’s just a quick staple job.  I found that stapling the wire at an angle where the circles connected helped keep it from slipping.  The ends that I cut were folded in.
  • You can add picture hanging sawtooth hanger to the backside of the frame (which you can find at your local craft store) or just hang the frame directly on a couple large nail heads.
  • Wooden clothespins for hanging the art or photos.  If I had more spare time I’d consider decorating the clothespins too!

Here’s the inspiration frame

DIY ideas for picture frames













Here’s a few OTHER great ideas for DIY picture frames in case you have a few frames stashed away that need inspiration or are on the hunt for a few…

Burlap pocket frames for holding treasures or supplies

Hang frames backwards and staple a burlap pocket.
















Flower vase frames

 Flower vase DIY picture frames


Or how about 3-D DIY Picture frames with cut branches

Branches DIY Picture frame


Enjoy making your own rotating art or photo galley with a DIY picture frame!

DIY Day: Chalk Design Wallpaper

Chalkboard wallpaper

Visiting Anthropologie is always eye candy for me – they have great displays, lots of DIY and fab ideas for the everyday decor! What caught my eye this time was this great use of a chalkboard wall reinvented as DIY chalkboard wallpaper! Luv the idea of a simple repeating chalk design as wallpaper.  You can recreate this look with chalkboard paint or with rolls of chalkboard contact paper. Either way you can redesign your room on a whim with colored chalk and a new design!

DIY Chalk design wallpaper with home decor pieces built into the design which gives it a  3-D effect…luv it!

DIY Chalk design wallpaper

Source: houseofchicandpenoche

Looking for the empty wall? Great idea for chalk board wall in the bathroom to capture your friends creativity when they take a p-break…beware this may make for a long bathroom line!

Bathroom DIY Chalkboard wall

Source: bexcetera

Have a favorite city? A great idea for a DIY Chalk Wall Map …patience is a must with this one!

DIY Chalkboard wall map

Source: Dismountcreative

Enjoy your spare time creating a fabulous DIY Chalk wallpaper design and then redesigning!

DIY Ceramic Painted Vases

DIY painted pottery vaseDIY Chalk Pottery
Have a ceramic vase you have stashed in the garage or maybe back corner of a cabinet that you can’t bear to display – Ugly with a capital U? Here’s a couple of options to do a little DIY ceramic vase painting and make it a treasure again!

This oval ceramic vase started out as bisqueware.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about google it but essentially its pottery that hasn’t been painted and fired. Pretty much the same stuff you find if you go to a painting shop in the mall.

This little ceramic vase is on its 3rd life and who knows it might have more lives than a cat!  The first life was its initial painting and firing I did about 13 years ago. I luv’d it and then about 5 years ago it needed a 2nd life – the colors didn’t work anymore and it held a dried floral arrangement. Can you say huge dust collector – ewww!

DIY painted pottery vase

The 1st life was cut and I wanted to try an earthy painting technique for its 2nd life.  I’m still not sure about the colors I choose but let’s focus for a minute on the earthy nature technique.  Since this piece any ceramic piece you have or salvage doesn’t need to be fired again you can paint it as many times as you want Yea!

This DIY ceramic vase was painted with a base coat of yellow,  then using Calle Lily leaves of varying sizes applied the various leaf prints.  When you are using natural elements like leaves for painting here’s a few TIPS:

  • pick the side of the leaf with the most veins showing since it’ll give you the best natural look
  • use a bristle brush – art brush is fine- to paint a thin coat on the leave
  • lay the leaf on the vase starting at the top and working down
  • rotate the leaves, overlap and press them only half on the vase for a more natural effect

This DIY ceramic painted leaf vase lasted for another few years, was stuffed in a back cabinet and now has been brought back with its 3rd life as a more modern chalk vase.

DIY Chalk vase

Same vase just painted with 3 coats of chalk paint and a thin turquoise border around the top edge (you just can’t see it) – the same chalk paint you find at your local craft store.  The foam flowers were just too cute and modern looking not to add – a gift from my youngest daughter several years ago!

Where does this reincarnated DIY ceramic chalk vase now live? Right by our front door with a Free Hug message to all to leave!

Enjoy giving your old or found ceramic vases a new life!

Dresser Rehab


Sometimes distressed and “old” just aren’t the right look. So how do you go DRAB to FAB on a laminate dresser to make it freshen enough for a tween room?

Three ingredients always make a DIY Dresser Rehab fabulous

  • Fresh paint
  • New drawer hardware
  • Drawer liner paper in a great design!

While I don’t luv laminate anything- this DIY dresser was part of a bedroom set at the Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity) what was in great shape! What I did find worked really well for painting laminate is the Krylon Fusion spray paint made especially for plastics.  I didn’t have to worry about a primer or the paint “not sticking”.

Yes I know, spray paint seems a little odd, but the finish and coverage were great! I do recommend wearing a mask, painting clothes and gloves to avoid most of the fine spray mist.

Drawer liner paper?  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend for a pop of color in what is usually a boring drawer. Plus, it’s just a nice finishing touch- like adding a great accessory to your outfit or a fab pillow to the couch.  I’ve used all types of paper for drawer liners. It can be as simple as kraft paper or as fun as any design you can find with wrapping paper.

Tip for drawer liner paper if you’ve never tried it…

Don’t cut the paper to exactly fit the drawer – cut it a bit bigger so you have enough to fold under each edge.  This give just the right weight to keep the paper from curling or sliding too much!

DIY Drawer liner paper


Enjoy your time on your next DIY Dresser Rehab!

DIY Cabinet Silverware

DIY Silverware cabinets

Need a simple idea to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look? Wanted to share these fab DIY silverware cabinet handles from my sister’s home. Luv this idea that can be done with a couple simple tools. This would also be a great way to use mismatched pattern silverware you have on hand or find thrifting!

What do you need?

  • Silverware – make sure you consider the pattern to figure out how many of each kind you will need- all spoons on the bottom cabinets and forks on top or forks for drawers and spoons for cabinets.  I don’t suggest using knives since they are thicker and more difficult to bend.
  • Screws – wood screws with flat heads
  • Power hand drill -drilling holes in the handles and spoons. Of course if you have access to a drill press go for it!
  • Screwdriver
  • Vise or clamp & pliers – use the vise or clamp to hold one end of the silverware and pliers to bend the other.

If you are using forks you only need to drill the handle since you can insert the screw on the front between the fork times.

Silverware drawer pulls

silverware hardware

Over time real silver will tarnish so you can either make a habit of polishing it occassionally or let the tarnish become part of the look. I luv the tarnish since it give it that ‘aged’ – been around for 100 years look!

Here’s a few other ideas for DIY silverware in case you have extra spare time and are itching to use it…

Silverware Starburst Mirror {how to make a starburst mirror}

Not feeling very DIY…check out this link that it more of a silverware hardware kit which will take out some of the searching and guesswork!

In case you just luv cool things make from silverware check out this Etsy site.

Silver ROCK ON x PEACE x LOVE Special Salad Fork Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks

Old World Charm Accessories

DIY French accessories

The teen room makeover in the Old World Euro French look needed a few accessories to tie it all together.  Here’s where we started with a few key furniture pieces DIY Euro Vanity and the DIY Euro Desk.

The decorative wire mannequin dress form was a must have key accessory and absolutely makes the room!  The DIY light switch plate cover was small project to add a finishing touch.  Any light switch cover works. I liked the selection of scrapbook paper at the local craft store, so it was just a matter of picking one that fit the Euro French look. For DIY light switch covers you can also use your favorite wallpaper, contact paper, wrapping paper or generally anything that can be glued.  Modge Podge is my go to craft supply for gluing and sealing the paper to the light switch cover.

The gold leaf boxes were a lucky find! They started out as plain wood boxes found on a random thrift store trip.  Using Modge Podge and scrapbook paper the sides and top were glued and sealed with coordinating patterns. For a bit of sophistication and keeping with the gold in the DIY Euro French desk, gold leafing was used on the box edges.  Gold leafing is a great way to quickly give the box some ‘aging’. Gold leafing can be picked up at your local craft store and is as straight forward to do as using gluing and sealing – just a little messier with the leafing which is super super thin.

DIY Gold leaf box

And the final touch was the bedding – a bold floral which picked up the rooms neutrals and the pink and purple accents!  Pillow variety like the Palmistry pillow and the Once Upon a Time pillow added great text elements to balance the flowers!

Teen bedding



Enjoy your spare time making great DIY accessories that WOW!

DIY Euro Desk

DIY French Desk

If you didn’t see the DIY Euro Vanity this is part 2 the DIY Euro desk. This is all part of my teen’s room makeover. She wanted something a bit more sophisticated with an old world french design.  The desk was a craigslist find for $35 but it needed a serious makeover! Since I was looking for a very polished finish I decided to use spray paint.  A light sanding then a few coats of Crayon Black sating spray paint had it looking pretty good. I also added a couple of coats of clear satin polyurethane (applied with foam brush) to the top only to protect it a bit more. Clear glass and gold drawer knobs add just the right “French” look for a bit of old world charm.

DIY desk drawers

Here’s the DRAB to FAB desk and the only thing you don’t see in the before picture are the large wooden drawer knobs…

DIY Desk


DIY french desk


With the desk we needed a chair and a rolling number would be just too modern. So a solid chair with enough comfort for studying was in order. Single chairs that are sturdy seem to be a tough thing to find.  Easy to find wobbly ones that are beyond repair.

This chair found me! It was sitting on curb about a block from my house.  Yes, this is one of those moments as you drive by, see the chair and throw on the brakes. Running over to the curb it was a quick check to be sure it was still study and lucky for me the peeling baby blue paint is all that needed to be changed.  The DIY chair makeover used the same Crayon Black satin spray paint, clear satin polyurethane on the seat and side posts of the chair for a polished finish.  It did require quite a bit of hand sanding to remove all the old paint but well worth it!

Found this fabulous french looking chair cushion at Home Decorators. Fits perfect and there’s a good 3 inches of padding!

french chair cushion



So what’s next? The accessories and the bedding! All important pieces to tie the room together.

Enjoy your furniture makeovers in your spare time – drab to fab is such a satisfying process!  Have a question on a piece your working on shoot it over.