Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food

Yes I think you should grow your own food if you have the chance! Fruit trees, vegtables and herbs it’s all possible even if you don’t have a green thumb or a lot of time.  And it all tastes so much better, plus who doesn’t luv it when you can walk out to your garden and pick something to eat.  When you grow your own food you feel like you’ve tamed the wild west, become expert at foraging and living off the land…just don’t actually leave me out in the wild. I’ve been hit and miss on my own vegtable garden and this year tried using just two raised beds.

Had this horrible creature invade my tomato plants, a tabacco hookworm, which I’ve never seen before and hope I never ever ever ever see again!

Tabacco hookworm

Even with the creature, we had a few decent Roma tomatoes and a first for me, a great harvest of potatoes! Yes I did just call my dozen or so potatoes a harvest and makes me feel pretty green thumbish.  Who know you could grow potatoes in Southern California! Yes, that is also a sweet red pepper.

home grown Vegtables

A fruit luver? I decided to add dwarf fruit trees in our front yard.  I haven’t yet gotten a harvest, but I was pretty excited to get just this one absolutely delicious peach!  I also have apple, mandarin oranges and pear trees, all dwarf varieties so I cross my fingers each year hoping to at least get just one.

homegrown peach


Hope you give it a try to grow your own food. It’s pretty darn satisfying even if you start with just herbs.