Public Art: Funk Zone Mural Picasso style

Santa Barbara Funk Zone picasso like public artpublic art mural

I just had to share this fab Funk Zone public art mural – seems to have the influence of Picasso or at least the bright colors Picasso liked to use from the 1930’s period.  This public art mural has happiness and sunshine oozing from every color!

I’m not certain of the artist so let me know if you do.  If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, the Funk Zone was just doing a call for mural artists.  If you want to see more Funk Zone public art murals check out this street which changes pretty frequently and was updated to this set of murals.  Yes, one more public art mural worth putting on your walking list is this one.

Picasso Inspriation…

The Dream by Pablo Picasso

The Dream by Pablo Picasso

Still Life with Pedestal Table by Pablo Picasso

Still Life with Pedestal Table by Pablo Picasso

Now that I’ve mentioned Picasso, my art bucket list includes creating a stained glass Picasso wall hanging – I’m kind of leaning towards the Still Life with Pedestal Table.  After seeing this Picasso stained glass work of art-it does look amazing!

TD Stained Glass Picasso

TD Stained Glass Picasso



Public Art: Pioneer Square People and Rodents

Public art Pioneer square People art

On a recent trip to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, I stumbled on this fab work of public art that really captures the diverse people in this historic area that make it so unique! Luv the stylized look and did you notice the hats? 4 out of 5 people luv their hats – at least from this artist’s perspective! I didn’t see the artist signature on this piece of work so if you know – drop me a note and I’d happily give credit.

Pioneer Square is known for its diversity of everything from people, art galleries, delicious food, great music, to quirky shops, street performers and amazing architecture! One of the first historic areas of Seattle and well worth a visit especially if you can make it to the First Thursday Art Walk. Put Occidental Square on your day trip itinerary which always has unique rotating public art too!

Did I mention Pioneer Square was diverse? Here’s another great public art creation by Kate Tesch. Furry rodent meets iron lollipop is my interpretation but likely not the artist. I luv the painting style which make the rodent actually look cute and evil in a crazy hair short of way. Even luv the background which could have easily been a single boring color but is instead mixed color blocks adding great depth. Would I have it in on my wall? It’d be a great conversation starter if I did!

public art pioneer square kate tesch


Sometime side streets and alleys have the best surprises for public art!

Public Art: Trompe l’oeil Bakery Window

Public Art trompe l'oeil window


I luv this public art trompe l’oeil bakery window on the outside of a restaurant building! It couldn’t be more perfect with the real tree hanging across the top and the bench just outside where you’d be hanging out waiting for someone to call you in for fresh baked pie!

I’m not usually a fan of trompe l’oeil painting style, especially when I’ve seen them inside homes. Generally, it looks so fake I just can’t even make the mental leap.

Trompe l’oeil style works best when all the elements around the painting work with it to keep up the illusion. Here’s some other great pieces that have all the elements working together to make you a believer in magic (click on the photos to link to their source)!
Tufted velvet wallpaper for a headboard wallTromp l'oeil tufted velvet wallpaper

Trompe l’oeil plates on the wall
Trompe l'oeil plates on the wall


Trompe l’oeil trellis garden
Trompe l'oeil trellis garden


Inspired yet!

Public Art: Look High and Low

public art funk zone sticker tie guy

Sometimes you just don’t know where you’ll find public art and the story behind it! Wall murals or manhole covers are pretty easy to spot, but sometimes you have to look high and low to see unexpected public art! This makes it a pretty fun scavenger hunt since you don’t know what your hunting for if you’ll actually find anything at all!

Found this interesting tie guy, that’s at least what I call him, up high on a fence post in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone.

A block later, I found the same looking tie guy on the sidewalk

public art funk zone sidewalk tie guy


Here’s my completely made up titles for the random public art of tie guy:

  • Can’t bear to look…I’m wearing a freakin’ tie! No one wears ties!
  • X and O….please I need a kiss and a hug right there and there
  • Luvin’ the new tic- tac- toe lab coat!

Yea maybe I’m luving public art too much and this was just a random act of line drawing…no story and no plan to make it art.  That’s ok I’ll take art where ever it’s found just because it makes life a little more interesting!

“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”
~Pablo Picasso

Enjoy your spare time wandering across random art!


Public Art: Cargo train becomes travelling art gallery


Yes this is cool!  And I really hope I get to see it before it is packed up. What is it?….a moving art gallery both inside and out. Look it up, check it out and see if it’s in your hood!

“In September 2013, a train will travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Activating the cultural landscape, Station to Station will connect artists, musicians and creative pioneers. For a short time, the most interesting place in the country will be a moving target.”

Enjoy some seriously cool public art and well worth making time to see it!

Public Art: Minneapolis the City of Art

Downtown Minneapolis Public Art Mural Truman

Yes lots of cities say they have art but most are tucked away inside buildings, require special lighting, glass and temperature and can only be admired by those with bucks in their pockets. What if you could walk a city, a city like downtown Minneapolis and be surrounded by a city of art!

I feel fairly well-traveled but I don’t think I’ve visited a city with such great public art! So much public art you don’t need a map because there’s something on every block – or at least it seems like it to a visitor like me.  Minneapolis definitely celebrates what appears to be a vibrant art community and a luv for their city! Everything from the amazing mural above by Adam Turman and his iconic Minnesota girl doing what she luv’s every season to the 70 manhole covers with local flora and fauna. Yes, there’s poetry too and bronze shadows in the sidewalk.  If you’re nearby at the Convention center, you can’t miss what I call the river float bench with a bronze version of an inflatable raft for a bench seat and fish beneath.

In case you’re wondering how I find this fab public art? I do my usual bit getting the most out of my time in a new city which means, getting up a bit earlier (30 minutes) for a short run to check the sites and getting out to walk after a working day to grab a bite.  Yes you could sleep more and I’ll sleep more when I’m dead, but for now I’m planning to get the most out of any new city I visit even if I’m there to work!

P.S. After a walk for dinner, I’d definitely suggest a walk to the local handmade ice cream shop Sebastian Joe’s.  You feel a bit better eating their amazing small batch ice cream if you can walk it off heading back to your hotel or your home!  They also have local art for sale on their walls too!

Enjoy your time exploring a new city even if it’s your own!

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Santa Barbara, CA Funk Zone Mural

Public Art: Minneapolis Utility Box Art

Minneapolis Utility Box Public Art Wine

You likely know from my blog I’m a fan of public art and that includes utility boxes. I try to hunt it down or just be surprised whenever I find it! Recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota I stumbled on a series of utility box public art along Hennepin Avenue. Forgive the quality of the photos since I was only armed with my phone camera on this walk.

Fabulous art based on interpreting the famous speech on the Seven Ages of Man from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” .  No I didn’t know this speech already either, but once you read it or hear it the utility box public art takes on a whole new meaning besides just great art! This was a joint project between the Hennepin Theatre and City of Minneapolis.

Always great to see a city bring color and imagination to what would normally be unattractive boxes just begging for random graffiti.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with downtown Minneapolis. It has an amazing amount of public art, great outdoor dining, fabulous local farm foods and a walking friendly downtown! Luv it -except that living in Southern California I’m not sure I’d survive the winter weather – heck I barely survive Pacific Northwest weather.

If you get a chance to visit well worth staying in downtown!  

Public Art: Sidewalk Chalk Art

Delphine Anaya & Melissa Abrams Sidewalk Chalk Art 3D


I admit it I have a thing for chalk and spray paint where art is concerned! I’m always amazed how simple they are in everyday use and what can be done in the hands of an artist! I’m a big fan of Mary Poppins and the sidewalk chalk art scene so maybe it’s just keeping my childhood fantasy alive!

In my you never know where you’ll run across great public art search, a local church celebration included sidewalk chalk artists. The sidewalk chalk panels included professional artists, art teachers and local students and I’d happily have any of them create something on my sidewalk to save forever!  Luv this Sidewalk Chalk art above with the 2-D and 3-D mix.

Here’s a few others that caught my eye…

Enjoy finding public art where it lands!

Life is a Voyage Mural

Public Art Life is a Voyage mural

Artist: Chadillac Green

Life is a Voyage and I’ll be taking one to Seattle, WA this week for a little lake-side vacation with the family and I’m laptop free for the week – which will be weird! Wierd and  hitting the pause button on the posts (I know total sadness, but I will come back with good stuff to share!)

You can find Life is a Voyage mural in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone! Yep, it’s another one of the fab public art murals decorating this bohemian spot in the city.  Luv this mural since it gives the flash back thought to an old sea captain- crusty and salty is the vibe –  sitting down and start telling you how it was and how it’s gotten out of hand and thing used to be simpler. I’ll be doing the same and flashing back to how it was without a TV and a laptop and likely no WIFI…Yikes! What will I do in my spare time – catch up with me next week and I’ll share the unplugged edition!

Enjoy your spare time plugged in or maybe your unplugged too!

New Art in Santa Barbara Funk Zone

Santa Barbara Funk Zone Mural


This week- although a bit delayed in starting the week – is all about the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, CA.  Why? It’s another visit and this place always gets creative and there is always something new!  The Funk Zone has just had a great write up in Sunset magazine so expect this little piece of funkiness will be much bigger in a year.

Remember the art mural wall from this post which was already amazing – but expect nothing to stay the same in this neighborhood! With all the creative vibes going on in this area you’ll always get some interesting mural art..this is one of the latest updates on the Public Art Funk Zone mural wall.

Funk Zone Santa Barbara


This is the first black and white public art mural I’ve seen in the Funk Zone and it really gels with the classic theme of the mural … art medium is spray paint which is always pretty impressive!


Funk Zone Art Mural


Lucky enough to see artists in action creating their piece…

Funk Zone Painters in action


There’s always more around the corner too…

Funk Zone Wall Murals


Enjoy checking out local public art or if you’re in the neighborhood spend some time walking the Santa Barbara Funk Zone art mural!